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Producers of professional quality forges since 2011, we pride ourselves on our customer service and strive to always improve the quality of our products. We have spent hundreds of hours in research and development of our products, and always implement improvements when feasible.


I began building the Atlas Mini Forge in 2010. After taking my own, crudely built forge to a Knifedogs hammer-in, the owner of Knifedogs told me that if I’d build them, he could sell them.

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As of 2022: 5000+ Bladesmiths
10+ Countries, Dozens of Schools

Atlas Mini Forge Launched in


Heat Treat Info

One-page printable guide for heat treating common blade steels, including 1084, 1095, O1, L6, 15N20, and several stainless alloys.

Atlas Knife & Tool

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