Thanks for purchasing an Atlas Mini Forge. A propane forge designed with convenience, portability, durability and affordability in mind.

  • Forges get very, very hot. Don’t burn yourself!
  • Edges of the forge are laser-cut and sharp, be careful!
  • The outside of the forge will reach over 400° F while in use.
  • The inside of the forge will reach over 2350° F while in use.
  • The interior of a forge gives off infrared light that can burn your eyes.
  • Be careful and always wear eye protection!
  • Expect the bricks to develop fine cracks in them, this is normal and doesn’t affect the forge.
  • When using the forge, light it with a long reach lighter from the rear and slowly turn on the gas at the regulator. Check the video on Youtube for better lighting instructions.
  • Do not tighten the brass cap on the burner. It is set to aim the gas down the burner tube.
  • When installing the burner, insert it until the tip is about ¼” from the inside of the forge chamber. See the pictures on the back of this sheet.
  • Check your burner regularly. The hose end should be cool to the touch. If it isn’t, it’s too far into the forge or could be in the path of hot exhaust from the forge.
  • If the burner doesn’t light solidly, give it more propane pressure on the regulator.
  • If it still doesn’t burn solidly, check the burner tube for spider webs(seriously)
  • Always turn the gas off at the regulator followed by the tank. This will prevent vapor-lock.
  • The forge will stay hot for a long time after you turn it off.
  • Do not use borax for flux, it will destroy the bricks in the forge.
  • Fluxless welding, AKA dry welding, works great with this forge.

BE CAREFUL!  Atlas Knife & Tool accepts no responsibility if you do something wrong and hurt yourself.

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