2-Tank “Thunderdome” Regulator


Two tanks enter, one tank leaves!  That’s the thought behind the Thunderdome regulator.
By duplexing two propane tanks, you significantly decrease freezing up, regardless of tank size


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Thunderdome regulator includes:

  • Dual QCC-1 connectors on 24″ steel braid covered hoses
  • Independent ball valve allow shutting off either side for hot-swapping tanks
  • Combined 0-20 PSI regulator
  • 60″ steel braid covered hose leading to
  • 3/8″ flare 45° connector fits most standard forge burners

To prevent tripping the “leak detection safety” meassures in modern tanks, please connect each hose to the tank and open the tank very slowly.  If the tank “clicks”, turn off the tank and wait for the “de-click” and try again.  This will fill the hose without tripping the safety and the unit will work fine.


This product does not conform to UL/CSA safety standards.  USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Modern propane systems are often problematic with high output devices such as multiple burner forges.  Consider that a 2-burner forge can use the same amount of propane as 8 medium BBQ grills.  The regulators and safety valves detect the sudden, high output as a leak and limit the flow.  These 2-tank regulators are designed WITHOUT the overflow valves that are problematic.  As a result, these are not compliant with UL and CSA standards.  We have made every effort to make these as safe as possible, but. . .

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