Graham Anvil – 117 lbs 4140 Steel


Target weight of 117 lbs
9″ x 4″ face
5″ Conical short horn
1″ step
1″ hardy hole
1/2″ pritchel

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These anvils will ONLY be shipped via UPS Ground (unless you want to pick it up locally)

New anvils will require dressing. This is the process of grinding your anvil smooth to your liking. An angle grinder with a 40/80/120 flap wheel will only take a few minutes to dress the horn, corners, step, etc. Some use the anvil as/is, others want to polish it before using. The choice is entirely up to you.

The face and bottom of the anvil have been machined flat. These surfaces are ready to use.
The horn and step have been lightly ground, to inspect for any defects.


Named after Graham, Atlas’ big brother, this is everything I could think to put in an anvil.

Cast AISI 4140 steel
Medium frequency induction heated for a surface hardening to 6mm
Round and Square swages
86% of total mass is under the face (optimal for knifemaking)

Weight 118 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 12 in

4 reviews for Graham Anvil – 117 lbs 4140 Steel

  1. Jeramy Wisdom (verified owner)

    This anvil is a steal at this price. I had mine on back order and received it long before I thought I would. Amazing customer service, super fast shipping ! I’ll be ordering from these guy’s from now on. I’ve seen lesser anvils going for twice this amount. Save yourself some time and money, and order this thing.

  2. Ken (verified owner)

    Just showed up yesterday so i have yet to forge anything on it. Be aware there are NO SWAGES on the bottom face, the bowl and spoon that are shown in the drawing are not there. Not sure i would have used them much, but i liked the idea, so not a huge deal for me, but they were an option that helped me decide on this anvil. The face it pretty hard, so much so that i had no success to file the Hardy hole to a square shape, I’ll try to temper that out a bit so i can remove the flashing from the hole so it will take a 1″ bar. I look forward to getting to work on it this weekend.

    • Charles Clayton

      Sorry, the bottom dishes were removed after the first batch. They were too problematic for the HT company and resulted to too many issues.

  3. Stefan

    I’ve been saving up for awhile for a quality anvil from Atlas. I originally was going to get one of the smaller atlas anvils but when I saw this 117lb graham anvil I knew I had to have it. I was able to pick it up from Charles locally so I didn’t deal with shipping but this a very heavy anvil in quite a small package. Looking forward to using the crap out of this anvil!

  4. Howard Shepherd

    I bought this anvil and made a few things with it and it has been fantastic. There are a couple of things to note tho. The anvil I received had the “Atlas Knife and Tool” logo on the side not the “Graham 117” logo, kinda bummed about that one but it does not affect performance. Either give people the option to pick the logo, or update the photos to accurately reflect the product. There were no swages on the bottom of the anvil. I bought it from then checked here and read Ken’s comment about no swages. You should have them (and any other distributors) remove that photo and update the description if needed. Also, the fancy foam packaging was not used, my box was ripped to shreds and had four wadded up pieces of paper as packaging, the hardy was wrapped in paper and fortunately stayed inside what was left of the box on arrival. The hardy itself fits very loosely in the hardy hole, the stem is 0.7 inches square in the 1″ hole. I have used it and it does work well despite the loose fit. Although there were some things that were not as advertised, this is still a great anvil and I’ve enjoyed this addition to my shop.

    • Charles Clayton

      There are still swages, just not the dishes on the bottom. They tended to rust badly, too badly to remain useful. You are 100% correct about the logo pictures, I do need to get new images with the current logo.

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